Required Credentials

We know the business inside and out. We take pride in our professionally polished staff.

At Careforce Elite we understand how difficult it can be to walk into a facility for the first time and try to understand just what it is that you are supposed to be doing and how you are supposed to be doing it. With that in mind, we have designed 2 professional development courses to that will prep you for working in the field.

The Certified Preceptor Course is a train the trainer program that will help you to deflect negativity and recognize the right choices in general situations in our chosen profession.


The second curriculum that we have designed is the Geriatric Care Specialist. This is a series of classes in areas of Long term are prominent to the front line staff. From Age Related Challenges to National Regulation Content we’ve got you covered.


All of our Elite CNAs are required to complete the Certified Preceptor Course and the Geriatric Care Specialist Course before they have the opportunity to go out in the field. You will be allotted a one month time span to complete both courses.


This is your orientation time; a time to advance yourself and raise the standards of the average CNA. We will settle for nothing less than the best.

Investing in Your Future

A modest $125 will enroll you into our two exclusive professional development classes. Let us set you on the path to a great career opportunity. Each and every one of our CNAs are required to be a Certified Preceptor and a Geriatric Care Specialist. CareForce Elite Staffing Corporation has designed a Learning Platform that educates and professionally enhances the knowledge and skills of all employee candidates. There is a required ONE MONTH period that is allotted for applicants to complete both education curriculums, and even if you are not selected to join the CareForce Elite Team, that education will benefit you in your future endeavors.


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