Where CNAs Make a Difference

It’s an honor to be the nation’s first Director of Nursing Assistants.  The implementation of the Enclave Principle and our CNA department has worked wonders here already.  It should’ve happened sooner. I feel like I’m making a difference.


Sheryl Tuttle

Director of Nursing Assistants, CNA

The Neighborhoods of Quail Creek


Implementation of the Enclave Principle

Just like the Enclave Principle states having a voice for the C.N.A.’s, we believe it is helping to shape and mould our current staff in many ways. We here at Quail Creek think it is invaluable for the C.N.A. staff to have a voice present in the leadership team meetings. This presence and voice enables the front line staff to be able to give more efficient care to our geriatric population.


I recommend the Enclave Principle

I think that any nursing care facility would benefit greatly with the addition of innovative leadership. This principle helps to empower and nuture the front line nursing staff in ways that have never been implemented in the past. If building relationships with staff, restoring leadership and employee satisfaction is important to your business, then I would highly recommend this Model.


Jason Parrish

DON and former State Surveyor

The Neighborhoods of Quail Creek


Importance of a CNA department

The CNA department is of upmost importance due to the relationship and the direct hands-on care that each provide to the residents. Each CNA has an opportunity to make a positive difference towards the residents on a daily basis.  Although the position is demanding, CNAs have the ability to earn the emotional rewards when they provide the best care while making a difference in a resident’s life.  In addition, the CNA has the ability to enrich someone else’s life or gain valuable insight on various skills needed to be successful.


Benefits of having a Director of Nursing Assistants (DNA)

Having a Director of Nursing Assistants (DNA) at our center is truly wonderful.  Implementation of the DNA has provided open communication from the CNA perspective to leadership and vice versa.  The DNA is an advocate for both sides and the common good, which ultimately benefits resident care. The DNA gains valuable insight from multiple interdisciplinary team members and can communicate the larger picture.  The DNA also has the ability to provide in-depth training upon hire and improve the clinical competencies for annual/survey readiness and additional training as necessary.     


Steve Larson

Administrator, LNHA

Americare Senior Living

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