CFE develops a selected group of CNAs

to become certified preceptors.  Once

preceptors, CFE deploys its turnover

management journal and manages each

orientee as the preceptor provides the

hands-on training. 


This program achieves an average CNA

turnover reduction rate of 30 percent;

however, many care centers experience

up to 70 percent reduction. 

The number of CNAs selected is based on the size of the care center.  CFE works with preceptors to evaluate and improve turnover reduction protocols such as CNA recruitment, onboarding and hands on training. 


CFE provides a staffing diagnostic to determine the root cause of CNA turnover.  Once the diagnostic is complete CFE develops a report and recommended action plan.  Once approved by the client center leadership, CFE and preceptors begin implementation of the customized turnover management program.


Preceptors are supported through monthly consulting visits from a CFE Turnover Management Specialist.


Monthly reports are provided to administration and any other persons designated by the client.

  1. Data collection

  2. Staff interviews

  3. Comprehensive report to leadership team

  1. All-staff meeting, describing the Preceptor process

  2. Internal Preceptor job posting, interviews, and selection

  3. In-person and online Certified Preceptor education

  1. Ongoing support of Preceptors

  2. Monthly in-person consulting

  3. Track and report on-boarding, training, and retention

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